Helen Reddy - I Dont Know How To Love Him chords

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I Don t Know How to Love Him chords
Jesus Christ SuperStar (Andrew Lloyd Webber / Helen Reddy) *

D G DI don't know how to love him
G D AWhat to do, how to move him
D A D AI've been changed, yes really changed
F#m BmIn these past few days
F#m BmWhen I've seen myself
G D Em D AI seem like someone else
D G DI don't know how to take this
G D AI don't see why he moved me
D A D AHe's a man, he just a man
F#m Bm F#m BmAnd I've had so many men before
G D Em D AIn very many ways
G DHe's just one more
G F#7Should I bring him down
BmShould I scream and shout
GShould I speak of love
DLet my feeling out
C G DI never thought I'd come to this
G D Em AWhat's it all about
D G DDon't you think it's rather funny
G D AI should be in this position
D A D A F#m BmI'm the one who's always been, so calm, so cool
F#m BmNo lover's fool
G D Em D ARunning every show
G DHe scares me so
D G DYet if he said he loved me
G D AI'd be lost, I'd be frightened
D A D AI couldn't cope, just couldn't cope
F#m Bm F#m BmI'd turn my head, I'd back away
G D Em D AI wouldn't want to know
G D GHe scares me so
D GI want him so
DI love him so
* Alternate: Capo II D = C G = F A = G F#m = Em Bm = Am Em = Dm F#7 = E7 C = Bb Set8 http://sites.google.com/site/guitarmusicchordsandlyrics/
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