Hellacopters – Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial tab

Artist: Hellacopters, The
Album: High Visibility
Polar / Universal / Led Recordings & Sweet Nothing Records 2000


INTRO: (D) (F) (D) (F) e|---------0-------------0---0----------------0-------------0---0-------|b|-----3-----3---3-----6---6---6----------3-----3---3-----6---6---6-----|g|---2---2-----2-----5-----------5-7----2---2-----2-----5-----------5-7-|d|-0---------------3------------------0---------------3-----------------|a|----------------------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------------------|
G-F-G-F-G-F-G F E C-D C-D A#-F C G x2
C-D C-D I´m in heavy I´m in deep A#-F C G I look cool but inside I weep I´m older but sure ain´t as wise As I pretend to it´s mostly all lies I´m a liar I´m a cheat Sore loser can´t stand defeat I say I´m right but I know I´m wrong Just want my music when you´re playing your songs CHORUS: A# D I know it doesn´t show C G But it´s time I let you know A# A G F-E C-D C-D A#-F C G
Hopeless case of a kid in denialC-D C-D A#-F C G
Got my tongue firmly in cheek Make up my mind just after I speak I should do it but I don´t I say I will but you just know I won´t You like the "fabs" I dig "the Who" You eat tikka I eat vindaloo I only drink when I wanna forget I won´t admit it but I do regret CHORUS: I know it doesn´t show But it´s time I let you know Hopeless case of a kid in denial D-C BRIDGE: F E C D G D I´m in deep I´m in real heavy F E C D C D Can´t kick it even though I try F E C D G D I feel sick but I don´t want you to heal me G D I´m a hopeless case of a kid in denial SOLO WITH CHORDS OF THE VERSE X2 REPEAT INTRO Yeah I´m a liar and I´m a cheat Real sore loser can´t stand defeat There ain´t a thing that´ll pass my rejection Getting real close to denial perfection I know it doesn´t show But it´s time I let you know Hopeless case of a kid in denial IT ENDS FADING IN C-D (submitted by herakles29@hotmail.com)
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