Hellogoodbye – Mysterious You chords

G GJust when I think that I know you
G GGreens and pinks come in new hues
Cmaj7 GColors by the thousands I had never seen
G GSo you can see why I wonder about the sea
And what's under
Cmaj7 GHow they are the same and how they separate
Am C GThe water's cold it bites the skin
G/F#But I don't care, I'm diving in
Am C GI've got to know what lies within
G/F#Underneath the surface
G/F# GMysterious you
GMade a pact
We made a campsite
GBathed in black
Only lamplight
Cmaj7 GIlluminates a thousand years of evergreens
G GAnd you can see your relation to a tree
Pure elation
Cmaj7 GSwirls over you like being born again (for the first time)
Am C GWorld so big, you'll never know
G/F# AmAll there is to ever know
C GFind yourself a wild beast
G/F# Cmaj7And fall in love with mysteries
G/F# GMysterious Me
Cmaj7Mysterious me
Cmaj7Mysterious you
Cmaj7 G/F# GMysterious things that both of us do
Cmaj7Mysterious you, mysterious me
Cmaj7 G/F# GMysterious us, mysterious we
C B A GAnd mysterious love
[Outro] C B A Ge|-----------------0----3-|B|--1-------3-------0---0-|G|---0-------0-------0--0-|D|-2--0----0--0---0-----0-|A|3-------2------0------2-|E|----------------------3-|
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