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Hemingway Corner – Tell Me Why tab

[A]  Sailing hard ships through[B] broken harbours,
[F#m]Out on the waves, in the ni-[E]ight.

[A]  Still the searcher must [B]ride a dark horse,
[F#m]Racing along through his fri-[E]ight.

[B]  Tell me why-y      [A]     [E]
[B]  Tell me why-y      [A]     [E]
Is it [B]hard to make arrangements with your[A]self,
When you're [B]old enough to [A]repay,
But [G#m]young enough to [C#m]sell.  [A]        [B]     [F#m]   [E]

[A]  Tell me lies, later[B] come and see me,
[F#m]I'll be around for awhi-[E]ile.

[A]  I am lonely but[B] you can free me,
[F#m]All in the way that you smi-[E]ile.


[A]     [B]     [F#m]   [E]
[A]     [B]     [F#m]   [E]

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