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Hepburn – Bugs tab

1999 Sony Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Intro: F--Bb--Gm--C (x4)

Guitar 2: 0:09e|--------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|G|-3/5-5\3-2----------------2-----|D|-----------5\3--3/5-5-3-5---5\3-| (x2)A|--------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|
Guitar 3:e|-1-3-1-3--|B|-1-1-1-1--|G|-2-2-2-2--|D|-3-3-3-3--| (x16)A|----------|E|----------|
Verse 1: Bass Lines F Bb Gm C F Gm C Can't tie me down, won't shut me up, you will not win F Bb Gm C F Gm C The purpose of this song's to say my life begins Refrain: Dm C F I want to fly (I want to fly) Dm C F Reach out, be healed (reach out, be healed) Dm C F Don't want to die (don't want to die) Bb F/A Gm F Like bugs on the windshield Bb F/A Like bugs on the windshield
Guitar 2: Like Bugs...e|---1------1------1------1------1------1---|B|-----1------1------1------1------1------1-|G|-3------2------0-------------3------2-----|D|----------------------3-------------------|A|------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------|
(Repeat Intro but twice only) Verse 2: F Bb Gm C F Gm C I'm driving down a dirt track road, I know nowhere F Bb Gm C F Gm C And up above the heavens spin, I wish me there (I wish me there) (Repeat Refrain) Bridge: Eb C Don't talk to me I'm seeing red Eb You're the last thing in my head Interlude: Intro: F--Bb--Gm--C (x4)
Guitar 2:e|--------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------8-8-8-8-8-13-13-|B|--------------------------------|-1/4-4-3-1---1----1-1-----1-1--1/4-4-3-1---1---8-6-8-6-8-13-13-|G|-3/5-5\3-2----------------2-----|-----------3------------3----------------3---------------------|D|-----------5\3--3/5-5-3-5---5\3-|---------------3------3----------------------3-----------------|A|--------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------| x2 this bar
Guitar 3:e|-1-3-1-3--|B|-1-1-1-1--|G|-2-2-2-2--|D|-3-3-3-3--| (x64)A|----------|E|----------|
Refrain 2: Dm C F I want to fly (I want to fly) Dm C F Reach out, be healed (reach out, be healed) Dm C F Don't want to die (don't want to die) Dm C F It's time to steal (it's time to steal) (Repeat Refrain) Outro: Bb F/A Gm F Bugs on the windshield Bb F/A Eb Like bugs on the windshield
Guitar 2:e|---1------1------1------|----1------1-----|B|-----1------1------1----|------1------1-4-|G|-3------2------0--------|-3-------2-----3-|D|----------------------3-|---------------1-|A|------------------------|-----------------|E|------------------------|-----------------| x3
Guitar 3:e|------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------8--|D|-3-5-5/7-3----3-5-5/7-10----3-5-5/7-3--8--|A|---------------------------------------6--|E|------------------------------------------|
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