Herman Brood – Street chords

Herman Brood - Street

EStreet 4x
F#mHey boy I can see you
BmYou're one of our own
EThe way you stake out your ears
AYou know, bitch your bust
BCook up your tears
C DClean your works
EAnd hit a stone
Daddy kick that stone
F#mWasting your time on the somege of light
Bmit's a hell of a deafen
E ASucking a tit, ever
B EEver seen a hotshot hit, kid
AYou're gonna doubt on yourself, you know
B CMumble inside, speck from yourself
DLooking for life in the
Hanging round on the sidewalk Street You got that blackboard feelin' Street Get it high and go dancing Street Robbin' and stealin'
F#m BmHey boy just take a tit, don't be over hip
E AJust reach out, see what it's all about
B CBut take a good look down this road
D EBefore you, buddy, hit that stone
Kick that stone
F#m BmWhere were you when the lights went out
E AI saw these looners hanging 'round
B EDo they crap so loud
A I saw you sneaking mommy
BSure made a show
CYou know this stays as hot
DBut you feel so low on the
On a hot summer Sunday Street You got the pavement stealin' Street You got lost in the subway and Wild romance keeps you dreaming Hey boy
F#m BmMany people tried to sing the blues
EAbout the love they lost,
AYou know, 'bout feeling low
BHolding the shoes
C DAbout missing the show
EHit that stone
Daddy, kick that stone
A B EYou're gonna change your car for seven horses
A BNoises are bang,
EStonewalls clashing
A B You're gonna face yourself upside down
C DYou're gonna see every shithouse in the whole damn town in the
Hanging 'round in the sidewalk Street You got that blackboard feeling Street Flashing and dancing Street Robbin' and stealin' Street You feel the heat closing in Street Buddy, on a hot summer sunday Street You got that pavement stealin' Street Got lost in the subway Street Can you feel that heatwave Street Like a loop de loop? Street Straight from the gutter mom Street Like bowl of soup Street Don't wanna lose a minute Street Don't wanna miss a chance Street Now you feel the slipstream like a Street Wild romance
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