Hermans Hermits – Silhouettes tab

Silhouettes: Herman's Hermits.

  G      Em                   Am     D         G
1.Took a walk and passed your house, late last night,

        Em                     Am     D        G
All the shades were pulled and drawn, way down tight,

     Em                   Am        D                 G
From within the dim light cast, two sihouettes on the shade.

           Em     Am          D
Oh, what a lovely couple they made.

  G       Em               Am     D        G
2.Put his arms around your waist, held you tight,

       Em             Am     D      G
Kisses I could almost taste, in the night.

         Em              Am        D                   G
Wondered why I'm not the guy whose silhouette's on the shade

           Em       Am    D     G
I couldn't hide the tears in my eyes.

                   Am                      G
Laaaa, la,la,la,la,la - Laaaa, la,la,la,la,la

                               Am      D
laaa,la,la,la,la,la, daaah,dah,dah,dah,dah,dah.

  G    Em                    Am    D     G
3.Lost control and rang your bell, I was sore.

       Em               Am   D         G
Let me in or else, I'll beat down your door.

         Em                Am       D                  G
When two strangers who had been two silhouettes on the shade

           Em             Am           D
Said to my shock, 'You're on the wrong block.

  G           Em                  Am     D     G
4.Rushed down to your house, with wings, on my feet,

          Em              Am    D    G
Loved you like I've never loved you, my sweet.

             Em              Am     D                  G
Thought that you and I could be two silhouettes on the shade

           Em        Am          D      G
All of our days, two silhouettes on the shade.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat!
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