Hermans Hermits – Leaning On A Lamp Post chords

Leaning On A Lamppost:Herman's Hermits.
#7 in 1965.

INTRO: (slow) (Original key.)
C GI'm leaning on the lamp,
F CMaybe you think I look a tramp.
C F G C G Or maybe you think I'm round to steal a car.
C GBut no, I'm not a crook,
F CAnd if you think that's what I look,
C F G CI'll tell you why and what my motives are.
#1. (Fast.)
C AmI'm leaning on the lamppost at the corner of the street
G CIn case a certain little lady comes by.
G C Am G D GOh me, oh my, in case a certain little lady comes by.
COh, she's wonderful, she's marvelous,
Am She's fabulous, she's beautiful.
G C G C FAnd anyone can understand why..I'm leaning on the lamppost
C F E F Dat the corner of the street in case a certain
G Clittle lady comes by.
C AmShe doesn't always get her way, she cannot always get her way.
G CBut anyway I know that she'll try.
G C Am G D GOh me, oh my, I hope that little lady comes by.
GShe's not the kind of girl to be late for.
C AmBut this one I'd break any date for.
D D7I won't have to ask what she's late for.
G G7 GShe'd never leave me flat..she's not a girl like that.
CHORUS: REPEAT#1. CHORUS: A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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