Hermans Hermits – Silohouettes tab

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Artist:	"Herman's Hermits" (Slay/Crewe)
Title:	Silhouettes
(Tabbed with an acoustic guitar)

Originally a "Rays" song, Herman's Hermits had great success
with this one both in England and the US.

Intro(Main Riff)(Repeated throughout parts of song):

Play 2x

G Em CE|----------------------------------------------------------|B|-------0--------------------------------------------------|G|--0--2---2--0-----------0---------------------------------|D|---------------4--2--4-----4--2--0-----0--2--0------------|A|------------------------------------3-----------3--2------|E|----------------------------------------------------------|
D CE|----------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------------------|D|-----------0--2--4----------------------------------------|A|--0--2--3-------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: G Em C D C G Took a walk and past your house (Late last night) Em C D C G All the shades were pulled and drawn (Way down tight) Em C D G >From within the dim light cast two silohouettes on the shade Em C D C G Ohhhhh What a lov_____ - ely couple though___ they may - ade Verse 2: G Em C D C G Put his arms around your waist (Held you tight) Em C D C G Kisses I could almost taste (In the night) Em C D G Wondered why I'm not the guy whos' silohouettes on the shade Em C D G I couldn't hide the te - e - ears in my eyes Bridge: Em C D C G Ahhh ah-ah ah-ah ah ahhhhhhh (Ahhh ah-ah ah-ah ah ahhhhhhh) Em C D G Ahhh ah-ah ah-ah ah ahhhhhhh-ahhhhhhh-ahhhhhhh-ahhhhhhh-AHHHHHHH Solo: Play 2x (then go to second part)
G Em C D C GE|----------------------------------------------------------|B|---------0--------0-1----3--1-----------------------------|G|--0--2-----0-2-----------------0--------------------------|D|----------------------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------|
G Em C D CE|----------------------------------------------------------|B|---------0--------0-1----0--------------------------------|G|--0--2-----0-2-------------2-2-2-----2*...----------------|D|---------------------------------4-4----------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------| *...leads into main riff(Rythm & main riff moves up 1/2 octave after the "*" main riff)
Verse 3: G# Fm C# D# C# G# Lost control and rang your bell (I was sore) Fm C# D# C# G# Let me in or else I'll beat (down your door) Fm C# D# G# When two strangers who had been two silohouettes on the shade Fm C# D# C# G# Said to myself your on your own a whi - ile Verse 4(Same chords and riff used in verse 3): Rushed down to your house with wings (On my feet) Loved you like I've never loved (You my sweet) Thought that you and I would be two silohouettes on the shade All of our days two silohouettes on the shade (Repeat Bridge one octave higher) fade... EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE 320003 022000 x32010 xx0232 G Em C D EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE EADGBE xx111x xx3111 xxx121 xx1343 G# Fm C# D# The new ace tabber... Ryan If you have any questions of comments E-mail me: lennon@dakotacom.net
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