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Hey Rosetta – Ive Been Asleep tab

		        I've Been Asleep - Hey Rosetta!
Tabbed by: Andrew Maynard
Email: admaynar@ucalgary.ca

Tuning: Standard (capo 2nd fret)


e|--0----0-0----0-0----0-0------------------|B|--1----1-1----1-1----1-1------------------|G|--0----0-0----0-0----0-0----repeat as-----|D|--2----2-2----2-2----2-2-----desired------|A|--3----3-3----3-3----3-3------------------|E|------------------------------------------|
e|--0----0-0----0-0-------0----0-0----0-0-----------|B|--1----1-1----1-1-------1----1-1----1-1---(7-7)---|G|--0----0-0----0-0-------0----0-0----0-0----7-7---*| RepeatD|--2----2-2----2-2-------2----2-2----2-2----7-7---*| 3xA|--3----3-3----3-3-------3----3-3----3-3----5-5----|E|--------------------------------------------------|
On the last time through this riff (or something similar) is played by Adam:
Verse 1 I've been asleep for a long, long time Blond hair to brown and brown to white My mom is buried beside my dad (?) But I was asleep for all of that Verse 2 The schools that I went to have all been closed And all of my teachers are dead I suppose The songs that we sung have all gone quiet What happens below as you sleep at night? Chorus (chords relative to capo) em G C I shut my eyes for a moment's rest em G C (etc...) 'cause I get so tired What things transpired while my body slipped Beset my mind (?) Interlude Just fiddle around with picking the chorus chords for a few bars and then sing to the chords. em G C (etc...) The river's up, the reeds are cut Halfway across what never was The water rose and swept in slow When the reeds awoke they were half below After that it's the same chords while the string section works their magic, followed by harder rocking part again over the same basic chords. Feel free to improv all you want I have no idea how to tab it. Structure: Intro Verse 1 Chorus Verse 2 Chorus Interlude Verse 1 (2x) Verse riff as outro This song is pretty much all about the timing, so you'll have to play it a few times to get it. Near the end when they repeat the first verse they only play the very first part as opposed the usual twice... but that's hard to explain unless you listen to it and it. That may only happen in the performance in the video from the ECMA's as well, I'm really sure. Also, I'm not too sure about some of the lyrics but those are the closest my ears could decipher so you'll just have to go with it unless you know otherwise. I left out some of Hogan's guitar parts because I'm not good enough to tab them, go nuts those out yourself. As always, you can find more Hey Rosetta! at www.heyrosetta.com. ============================================================================
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