Welcome chords with lyrics by Hey Rosetta - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Hey Rosetta – Welcome chords

Basic chords and lyrics to follow along. New single just released on HR's official 
website today [1/13/2011]. Enjoy

AYou'll be a bright light
DComing out of the dark
F#mWhile the doctors
C# Dblinking hard
AYou'll be lightning
DComing out of the storm
F#m C# Dit's a message, it's a miracle
B5 C#5 D5You'll do alright
B5 C#5 D5You've got your mother's eyes
B5 C#5 D5You've got your daddy's hands
D5Everything you need
AFor this hard ride
DThey'll be strapping you on
F#m C#All the ups and downs
DAnd you can't get off
AYeah it's trouble
DWe're handing off
F#m C# DAnd you gotta do better than us
B5 C#5 DIt'll be alright
B5 C#5 DYou got lots of time
B5 C#5 DYou got your daddy's love
B5Everything you want
AI can feel you
Dand What you're gonna be
F#m C# Dyou'll be stronger, you'll be smarter than me
A DOh baby I'll say it again
F#m C# DYou're the most incredible thing
ASorry this is it
EIt's cold and hard and badly lit
Bm D and there's no backing out of it
ASo forget where you've been
EIt'll never be that good again
Bm DWe must only look ahead
ASoon you're thirty-three
EAnd everything you've tried to be
Bm DWas pulled apart by fear and greed
ABut y____[?] has built you up
EAnd carved your face in honest rock
Bm DWith sunlight on your noble jaw
ABut y____[?] has built you up
EI'm happy that you've come along
Bm DI'm happy that you've come
D DI'm happy that you've come
[solo] A, D, F#m, C#, D
A DOh baby, I'll say it again,
DI'll say it again
F#mI'll say it again
C# DYou're the most incredible thing
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