Welcome chords ver. 2 with lyrics by Hey Rosetta - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Hey Rosetta – Welcome chords ver. 2

Artist: Hey Rosetta!

Song: Welcome (Acoustic)

Album: Seeds

Tuning: Standard

Capo: 5th fret

This is how the main guitarist played this on the acoustic version when they 
played live at 102.1 the edge.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84IL00b04uk

EYou'll be a bright light
AComing out of the dark
F#mWhile the doctors
G#m Ablinking hard
EYou'll be lightning
AComing out of the storm
F#m G#m Ait's a message, it's a miracle
F#m G#m AYou'll do alright
F#m G#m AYou've got your mother's eyes
F#m G#m AYou've got your daddy's hands
AEverything you need
EFor this hard ride
AThey'll be strapping you on
F#m G#mAll the ups and downs
AAnd you can't get off
EYeah it's trouble
AWe're handing off
F#m G#m AAnd you gotta do better than us
F#m G#m AIt'll be alright
F#m G#m AYou got lots of time
F#m G#m AYou got your daddy's love
AEverything you want
EI can feel you
Aand What you're gonna be
F#m G#m Ayou'll be stronger, you'll be smarter than me
E AOh baby I'll say it again
F#m G#m AYou're the most incredible thing
ESorry this is it
BmIt's cold and hard and badly lit
F#m A and there's no backing out of it
ESo forget where you've been
BmIt'll never be that good again
F#m AWe must only look ahead
ESoon you're thirty-three
BmAnd everything you've tried to be
F#m AWas pulled apart by fear and greed
EMay young hands build you up
BmAnd carved your face in honest rock
F#m AWith sunlight on your noble jaw
EMay young hands build you up
BmI'm happy that you've come along
F#m AI'm happy that you've come
A AI'm happy that you've come
[solo] E, A, F#m, G#m, A
E AOh baby, I'll say it again,
AI'll say it again
F#mI'll say it again
G#m AYou're the most incredible thing
E, A, E, A, [dragged out end] Finish with E
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