Hi-5 - Welcome chords


Em G Bm C DE|--0--3--2--0--2--|B|--0--3--3--1--3--|G|--0--0--4--0--2--|D|--2--0--4--2--0--|A|--2--2--2--3-----|E|--0--3-----------|
G DEveryone in the world
C GCome together and sing
DIn every town and every city
C DPeople celebrating
Em BmReaching for the stars
C DFeel the earth at your feet
Em BmWhirl and twirl like the wind
C DLet's dance out in the street
GWelcome, welcome
COne and all
EmHere's a new way
DTo say hello world
GWelcome, welcome
COne and all
Em DA new way to say hello
G C G C G C DToday
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