Hiatt John – Is Anybody There tab

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From: Paul Hutchinson 


F      Fsus4  Fsus2  F        x2

         Bb/C           F  Bb/C F C             Bb    Am Bb
Well I'm out here on my own       following the stars
C      A/C#  Dm               C        Bb
Asking on my knees for some direction, please,
     Bb/C               F     Bb  C   F
And, God, you know it's hard
Cause I'm such a stubborn man, Lord, I'm stubborn as a mule
But even though I struggle some, I belive a change will come
Now, here, you love a fool

Am7                          Bb
  I see a road and a flash of lightning
Gm7                    Bb/C
  Let me tell you it's frightning

           Dm     C     Bb              F
Is anybody there? Oh, I need somebody tonight
   Dm        C        Gm          F/A        Bb        C
To care- I'm feeling alone and it just don't seem right
           Dm     C     Bb               F
Is anybody there? Oh, I need somebody to be
                 Eb/Bb           Dm/A
To know that I'm good enough for love
          Bb/C F
To walk beside me

And as a woman in this world, well you must have felt like this
That a man might come along with another hard luck song
And betray you with a kiss
But would you reconsider me - though I know I've caused you pain
I've taken vows with you, and I believe them to be true
Now can we take a little rain?

We could hit that road in a flash of lightning
Maybe it won't be so frightning


I'm gonna keep on walking, baby ...

On the album, the song  is  carried  by  electric piano, with electric
guitar and Hammond organ being decorative.  If  you want to play it by
yourself, and you're not totally confident in the key of F (rolls eyes
condescendingly), you may find it easier to  play  in D with a capo on
the 3rd fret. In this case, F  becomes D, Bb/C becomes G/A (x00033), C
becomes A, Bb becomes G, Am   becomes   F#m, A/C# becomes F# (244322),
Dm becomes Bm, Gm7 becomes Em7,  F/A  becomes D/F# (200232), and Eb/Bb
becomes C/G.

Anyway, back to what IS on the  album. The guitar, piano and organ are
pretty well mixed together, and so  it's  quite  hard to pick out what
the guitar is doing. Hence the following transcription is approximate,
and any repeating  sections  will  probably  be  played with different
variations each time - but what's here should give you a fair idea.
Please don't try to play it note-for-note.
Comments and corrections welcome....

Intro riff: + + + + + + + +|---------------------|---------------------||-10--------------10--|-11--------------11--||---------------10----|--12-----------12--12||-------------10----10|-------------10------||---------------------|---------------------||---------------------|---------------------|
+ + + + + + + +|----------------------|---------------------||----------------------|----10---13--13------||------------------10--|---10----10--10------||-10----------10-12--10|-10------12--12------||-10-------------------|---------------------||----------------------|---------------------|
Verse: (Play twice, omitting last 2 chords 2nd time) + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +|---------------------|---------8-|-6---6-5-|-6---------||-10------10---10h11--|-10----8---|-6---6-5-|-6---------||-10-----------10h12--|-10--------|---------|-----------||-10----10------------|-----10----|---------|-----10-11-||---------------------|-----------|---------|-----10-11-||---------------------|-----------|---------|-----8--9--|
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +|--------------|-------------|-------------|-------------||--------------|-------11-11-|-10----6--8--|-10----11-11-||--------10-9--|-7-----12-12-|-10----7--9--|-10----12-12-||-12---12---10-|-8-----------|-10----8--10-|-10----------||-12-----------|-------------|-------------|-------------||-10-----------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
Bridge: + + + + + + + + + + . +. + + + + +|-.-.-0---|---------|----------13-13----------|---------||-8-8-----|-6----6--|-11----------13-13-10~~~~|-11------||-5-5--5--|-7-------|-10----------------------|-12------||-7-7---7-|-8-------|-12----------------------|-12------||---------|---------|-------------------------|---------||---------|---------|-------------------------|---------|
Chorus: + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +|-------------------|---------|---------------------|--/6-5-6---||-6---------6---5---|-----6---|-6-----------6-------|--/8-6-6-5-||-7------7p5----5---|-----5---|-7-------7p5-7-------|-------7-5-||-7------7p5--------|-8---7---|-7-------7p5-7-------|---------5-||-------------------|-8-------|---------------------|-----------||-------------------|-6-------|---------------------|-----------|
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +|-------------------|---------|---------|-----||-6---------6---5---|-----10--|-11--10--|-11--||-7------7p5----5---|-----10--|-12--10--|-12--||-7------7p5--------|-8---10--|-13--12--|-----||-------------------|-8-------|---------|-----||-------------------|-6-------|---------|-----|
Format: 4 bar electric piano introduction Intro riff Verse Bridge Chorus Intro riff Verse Bridge Chorus x2 Intro riff x7 Notation used: + = Marks the beat p = Pull-off h = Hammer-on / = Slide ~ = Vibrato . = Staccato
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