High And Mighty Color – Pride tab


this is syntax's wikipedia page
cuz i dont think their site works sory

This is a rely simple song, its been on like 5 diferent major TV shows recently, if u 
to it i gues ul c y....
this is just the main riff that goes thru most of the song with wat i think is the bass 
being played during each part u can have these played as chords too, just repeat thruout

D A Ee|---2-3-5-3-2------------------------|B|--------------2-3-5-3-2-------------|G|-------------------------1-2-4-2-1--|D|------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------|
so if u ignore the riff and just play chords its like this verse D its made up of lonely moments A E (E) there was always a moment there when i knew D you always gave instalments A E (E) always knew u concentrated and grew Chorus D A E your smile shine a little light, alright D A dont hide, shine a little light E give up on your pride etc.. and ther u go. enjoy...ther shudnt b any problems... http://www.syntaxonline.co.uk/ is syntax's official site (theyve split up i think)
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