High On Fire – King Of Days tab

Artist: High on Fire
Album: De Vermis Mysteriis
Song: King of Days
Tuning: C Standard (C-F-A#-D#-G-C
Tabber: dawgzfan66 (ME!)

Fantastic song on a fantastic album. Hope this tab can help someone on
figuring out the whole song. This is just the intro with the rhythm and
lead parts, which is also the main riff played throughout the song aside
from the chorus. Hope you enjoy, please vote for this tab, and check out
my other tabs!
         The riff that will shake your inner soul (main riff)
C |-------------------------------------------------------|F |-------------------------------------------------------|A#|----------------------------------------10-------------|D#|-----------------5----------------------10--OR--3------|G |-5--7-8--8-7-8-7---8-7h8p7-----2-(0)----8-------3------|C |---------------------------3-3----5-------------1------|
Then the lead comes in and plays the riff that willshake your inner soul, only an octave higher (main riff 2.0) |-----------------------------------------------------| |-----------------3-----------------------------------| |---------5-4-5-4---5-4h5p4-----4-2-------------------| |---------------------------5-5-----------------------| |-5--7-8----------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------|
Thanks again for checking out this tab, for loving High on Fire, and for voting ;)
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