Hillsong Kids - Let Your Light Shine chords

Let Your Light Shine
Super Strong God - Hillsong Kids
Intro:D  A  E  F#m-E-D  A  E  D-C#m-Bm-E
A F#m F E 2XVerse:
A F#m F E A F#m F
ECreep, creep, creep in the dark fear comes to blow out all your lights.
A F#m F E A F#m F
EIt doesn't want you telling everybody that Jesus rules, all right!
Chorus: D A
ELet your light shine Whoa
F#m E DLet your light shine Whoa
A E D C#m Bm
A [A F#m F E 2X]Let Your light shine and let Jesus shine through you
Verse: A F#m F E A F#m F
EGiant fears are really small when all you see is God
A F#m F E A F#m F
EDon't be afraid to stand up tall and give a great big shout
Bridge: A CD A
C DI'm not scared,
I'm gonna let my light shine A CD A
C DYou're not scared,
you're gonna let your light shine A CD A
C DWe're not scared,
we're gonna let our light shine A CD A
C DCos Jesus is Lord,
and He's gonna let His light shine
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