Hillsong London – The Answer chords

Led by Pete Wilson in London

(Capo 1 {Key of A flat})

Verse 1
GOne hope for all our lives
DYour truth remains through time
EmLove is the way
DYou gave Your life away
GWe now receive new life
DOur eyes are opened wide
Em DYou made a way for us
C (C)When the world fails we'll be standing
G (Em)On the one name thats never failing
Em (G)We receive new life as we surrender
D (D)In You we know we've found THE ANSWER (last time chords are in brackets)
Verse 2:
GIn You we find our place
DYour will for all our days
EmNever to fade
DYour love will light the way
GOur hearts are for your cause
DWe live beyond ourselves
Em DAnd let Your love be known
C (Em)We live to see You
G (C)We long to know Your love
Em (G)Our hearts are open
D (D)Our lives are yours forever (repeat chords are in brackets)
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