Hillsong United – You chords ver. 2

I figured out the chords to "You" by ear, since all the Ultimate-Guitar ones are 
songs called "You" by Hillsong. Here it is :D

Intro: B

B F#Invading all my weakness, You wrapped me up in grace
E BThe worst of me succeeded by the best of you.
B - F# - E
B F#My heart is overtaken, My soul is overwhelmed
E BThe worst of me succeeded by the best of you.
B F#My dreams have found their purpose, My future in your hands
E BThis life would have no meaning if it weren't for you
G#m B E F#So I lay me down, For Kingdom come
G#m BSteal all that is within me,
E BCause all I want in this world is more of you
BIn the less of me it is you,
F#Increasing as I fade away
E BYour light for all the world to see
BGod it is you, who breaks the chains,
F#God it is you, who lights the way
E BAnd everything I am cries out for you
B F#So make my life transparent, your life in mine displayed
E BSo every earthly glory goes back to you
G#m BWoah oh oh x2
G#m B EWoah oh oh oh oh
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