Hillsong United – Heart Of Worship chords

Hillsong United:

Heart of Worship

I've heard this song played many different ways, but if you listen to the recorded
version by Hillsong, I believe it is played this way:

Capo 1st Fret

Chords used:

Dsus2-x00230 (D2)
Asus2-x02200 (A2)
Asus4-x02230 (A4)
Em/Em7-022000/022030 (You can almost always use either one of these chord structuresinterchangeably. In other words, use either one you want.)
G-320033 Verse 1:
D2 A2 When the music fades
EmAnd all is striped away
A4 AAnd I simply come
D2 A2 Longing just to bring
EmSomething that's of worth
A4 AThat would bless your heart
Em D/F# A I'll bring You more than a song
For a song in it itself
Em D/F# A Is not what You have required
Em D/F# A You search much deeper within
Through the way things appear
Em D/F# A You’re looking into my heart
D2 A2/C# I’m coming back to the heart of worship
EmAnd it’s all about you
G AIt’s all about you, Jesus
D2 A2/C# I’m sorry Lord for the thing I’ve made it
EmWhen it’s all about you
G A D2It's all about you Jesus
Verse 2:
D2 A2 King of endless worth
EmNo one could express,
A4 AHow much you deserve
D2 A2 Though I’m weak and poor
EmAll I have is Yours
A4 AEvery single breath
Pre-Chorus Chorus Chorus (Solo) = Chorus played softer and lighter
D2 I'll bring You more than a song
A2/C# I'll bring You more than a song
Em G A (more than a song)
D2 I'll bring you more than a song
A2/C# I'll bring you more than a song
Em G A
D2 You're looking into my heart
A2/C# Em G A Looking into my heart
D2 (end on) He basically just keeps repeating these words until the end. So, its basically just the chorus repeating over and over. The last chord strummed is also a D2. This is my first tab, and I Hope you guys enjoyed it. Let me Know if you think anything needs changing/improving or rate if you think its good! Hillsong is awesome and I hope they keep up the good work!!
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