Hillsong United - Evermore chords version 1

by Hillsong

Intro: Em  C  G  D (3x)  
       Em  C  G 

D EmWith all my life Iíll sing
C GIm living for your name
D EmWe long to give you praise
C G D Iím living for Your glory Lord
Em C G D (2x) I
Em CLost for words with all to say
G D/F#Lord you take my breath away
Em CStill my soul my soul cries out
G D/F#For you are Holy
Em CAnd as I look upon your name
G D/F#Circumstances fade away
Em Cand now your glory steals my heart
G D/F#for you are holy
Em CYou are Holy
Em CYou are holy Lord
GEver more my heart
DMy heart will say
C Em DAbove all I live for your glory
G DEven if my world falls I will say
C Em DAbove all I live for Your glory
Em C G D Back to I and II Chorus Adlib Em C G D (4X)
Em C G D You are holy
Em C G D You are holy
Em C You are holy
G D You are holy Lord
Chorus ending repeat (Above all I live for Your glory) 3x ============================================================================= Enjoy! MY BIO: I am a guitarist on a local Born-Again church here in Cabuyao Laguna Philippines. JRVCC-Cabuyao I have also been a member of a local band as a Bassist. If you LIKE this song, Please LIKE this fanpage too... www.facebook.com/katzglobalservices.com Thanks! Edson D.
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