Mercy Mercy chords with lyrics by Hillsong United - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Hillsong United – Mercy Mercy chords

by Hillsong United
G#m  B/D#- E  B

G#m B/D#- E BMercy Mercy
Bring me to my knees As the morning Calls to light the dark in me Heavens story Breathing life into my bones Spirit lift me From this wasteland Lead me home PRECH:: F# E B
F# ENow I
Find my life in Yours My eyes On Your name CHORUS:: G#m B E C#m
G#m B E C#mArrest my heart
From its reckless path Release the chains in me Awake my soul To the hope you hold Your grace is all I need VERSE2:: (same as VS 1) Humble glory Chose to carry all my shame Rendered worthy In the shadow of your name Gracious fury Written in my saviors scars Mercy mercy Now engraved upon my heart PRE CHORUS:: CHORUS:: 2x INST:: (same as intro) CHORUS:: 1x soft
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