Hillsong United – Solution chords ver. 3

Verse 1
A E DIt is not a human right to stare not fight while broken nations dream
A E DOpen up our eyes so blind that we might find the mercy for the need
F#m D A EHey now fill our hearts with your compassion
F#m D A E Hey now as we hold to our confession
Verse 2
A E DIt is not too far a cry too much to try and help the least of these
A E DPolitics will not decide if we should rise and be your hands and feet
D A E Woah oh oh God be the solution
D F#m E Bm7 (C#7/F)Woah oh oh we will be your hands and be your feet
DVerse 3
A E DHigher than all circumstance your promise stands your love for all to see
A E DHigher than our protest line and dollar signs your love is all we need
Solo F#m D A E F#m D A E Bridge Only you can mend the broken heart and cause the blind to see Erase complete the sinner's past and set the captives free
F#m D A EOnly you can take the widow's cry and cause her heart to sing
F#m D A EBe the Father to the fatherless our Savior to the King
F#m DWe will be your hands we will be your feet
A Ewe will run the race for the least of these
F#m D A EIn the darkest place we will be your light we will be your light
F#m D A EWe will run we will run we will run with the solution
F#m D A EWe will run we will run we will run with the solution
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