Hillsong – The Wonder Of Your Love chords

hey i was just mucking around on the guitar and made theses chords up for this song
been singing at Hillsong. I play it using just the top 4 strings, if you play the top 2
with your index finger and the middle 2 with your pinky and the one next to it, its easy 
just slide up and down without moving your finger positions. this is my first tab so
its cool.

Capo 2 or open
The wonder of your love

C#m BYou inhabit the Praises of Your people
C#m BYou delight in the Glory of Your Son
C#m BIn the love of the Father We will worship
C#m BIn the kingdom of God We find our home
A2 C#m BThe wonder Of Your love Will break the Chains that bind us
A2 C#m BThe power Of Your touch Releases us To worship
E C#mSing out to God Sing hallelujah, With all we are We will worship You
B A2 EHoly is Your Name, Holy is Your Name Oh God
C#m BTogether we will lift The name of Jesus
C#m BTogether we sing Of Your great love
C#m BWe will join with the Angels to praise You
C#m BMay our voices Be pleasing to You God
hope it blesses you Soutchay-Joshua
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