Hillsong - God One And Only chords

 A      D (4X)

A DIn a world that’s lost and seeking
A D F#m You’re the answer to every need I know
BmIt’s You alone
A DI find a hope for all my life
A D F#mI’m living as a sacrifice for You
Bm A DIn freedom and in truth
D A F#m BmAlways I know You are here and You
live in me
D A Bm In my life You’re the only one I need.
DJesus I believe
A DYou’re the one who saved my soul
A D You gave me life so I give it back to
BmMy God God one and only
VERSE 3: Now I stand in Your salvation I keep the faith and I fix my life on You My hope is found in You. PRE-CHORUS: CHORUS: INSTRUMENTAL: A BRIDGE:
EYou chose the cross and You took
my place
DAnd I believe it
EThis is love that I can’t explain
DYes I believe it
A D (3X) God one and only
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