Hillsong - In Your Freedom chords

In the key of D, but I simplified it into G progress with Capo 7.

View cover at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaoamlY4sHY

In Your Freedom
Intro: C   D   Em   G

C D Em GI search for You, God of strength
C D EmI bow to You in my brokenness
C D Em GAnd no other king could have so humbly come
C D Em DTo save my soul and heal my heart
Em DI have nothing more
G DThan all You offer me
Em DThere is nothing else
C D GThat's of worth to me
G D EmAnd I love You Lord
C GYou rescued me
D EmYou are all that I want
C GYou're all I need
Intro 2: C D Em G Verse 2:
C D Em GI pray to You, God of peace
C D Em DI rest in You, my cares released
Instrumental G D Em C: Bridge:
C GIn Your freedom I will live
EmIn Your freedom I will live
G CI offer devotion
G CI offer devotion
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