Hillsongs – My God tab

Transcribed By: Lou Albert Cortez
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Rhythm Guitar:
Intro: Bm-C-D (4x)

Lead Guitar:Intro:(2x 1st and 3rd) Bm C DE|------------------------------|B|----------------8h7---8h7-----|G|--444---555---7-----7-----7---|D|--444---555---7---------------|A|------------------------------|E|------------------------------|
Verse 1: (all chords are palm muted for lead guitar) C Your faithful love G D Em has always been there for me C G D The greatest love that i have ever known
Lead Guitar:E|---------------------------|B|---------------------------|G|---------------------------|D|------5-5h7p5--------------|A|---5h7-7-----7\5-----------|E|---------------------------|
Verse 2: (all chords are palm muted for lead guitar) C G What can i give to you D Em For all You've given to me C You gave it all G D----D And You are all i need Pre-chorus: D / Em (slide up) You are my king, C (slide down to C) You are my God D Em (slide up) Praises I bring C (slide down to C) Come from my heart Chorus: Bm This is for You C D For all You've done for me Bm C and I wanted to show You D How much You mean Em-F#m-G slide down D-F#m-G (for Rhythm Guitar) My God, C-/-D~~~ (for Rhythm Guitar) my God
Lead Guitar:E|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|---------------------------------|D|---2-4-4/5v---4-4/5v-------------|A|-----------5v-------3~~~sl-5~~~--|E|---------------------------------|
This is a great song! Hopefully that you may enjoy the tab I made. All comments and suggestions are very much welcome, just email me at jo_bert2529@yahoo.com God Bless you all and thanx c:
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