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Hillsongs – Through It All tab

Song Title:      Through it all
Artist:          Hillsongs Various Artist
Tuning:          Standard (EADGBe)
Accuracy:        99.00 percent
Difficulty:      Novice
Transcribed by:  Paul Eliezer E. Alvarez

Intro: G Em C De-----------|--------------|---------|-------------|B--1-----0--|-3-----3------|-0-------|-3-----3-----|G----0------|---0-----0----|---0---2-|---2-----2---|D------0----|-----2-----2--|-----2---|-0---0-----0-|A-----------|--------------|-3-------|-------------|E--3-----3--|-0------------|---------|-------------|
G Em C De-----------|--------------|---------|-------2-----|B--1-----0--|-3-----3------|-0-------|-3-----3-----|G----0------|---0-----0----|---0---2-|---2---2-----|D------0----|-----2-----2--|-----2---|-0---0-0-----|A-----------|--------------|-3-------|-------------|E--3-----3--|-0------------|---------|-------------|
Verse: G D/F# Em C Dsus You are forever in my heart You see me through the season G D/F# Em C Dsus Cover me with your hand And lead me in your righteousness Pre-Chorus: Bm CM7 Bm C - D And I look to you And I wait on you Chorus: G C I'll sing to you Lord a hymn of love D Em C D For your faithfulness to me G C I'm carried in everlasting arms D/F# G C You'll never let me go D Through it all Coda: G Em C D Hallelujah Hallelujah G Em C D Hallelujah Hallelujah *** Just send your questions and requests to or CP # 09202658112
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