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Hillsongs – Through It All chords

G D/F# Em7You are forever in my life
Am7 Dsus4 DYou see me through the seasons
G D/F# Em7Cover me with Your hand
Am7 Dsus4 DAnd lead me in Your righteousness
Bm C2And I look to You
Bm C2 DAnd I wait on You
GI'll sing to Lord
Am7A hymn of love
D Em7 C2 DFor Your faithfulness to me
G Am7 D Em7 C2I'm carried in everlasting arms, You'll never let me go
D/F# GThrough it all
G Em7 Am7 D G Em7 Am7 D BRIDGE:
G Em7 Am7 Dsus D G Em7 Am7 Dsus DHallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah (x2)
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