Hillsongs – Son Of God tab

Son Of God
by Hillsong
album: Blessed (2002) 
tabbed By: Jordan Tuguinay


e|-2-| |-3-| |-0-|B|-3-| |-3-| |-3-|G|-2-|(12x) |-2-|(4x) |-2-|(5x)D|-0-| |-0-| |-0-|A|-x-| |-x-| |-x-|E|-x-| |-x-| |-x-|
I: D Dsus D9 D Hold my hand and walk with me D Dsus D9 D You're the Light that makes me see D Dsus D9 D On this path my soul You lead D Dsus D9 D 2nd intro: (lead guitar)
II: (same Chords in stanza I) O my Shepherd walk with me I need You more then breath You're my hope in You I live Angels worship at Your throne Power and Glory to You alone Chorus: G My Saviour D Glorious one G My Redeemer A Living in my heart G Now and forever Bm-A Your Kingdom come G A Bm Jesus Son of God G A D-Dsus-D9-D Jesus Son of God Jesus,O Jesus Holy is The Lamb of God Jesus,O Jesus Worthy is The Lamb of God Ending: (lead) e|-5-5-3-2-3-5-5-3-2-3-7-7-5-3-5-7-7-5-3-5-9-9-7-5-7-9-9-7-5-7----5-|(4x) p= pull
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