Hillsongs – God Is In The House chords

God Is In the House - Hillsong
Fm7 E7 As for me God came and found me
Am Gm7 C7As for me He took me home
F D9As for me He gave me a family
Dm7 C F GAnd I'll never walk alone
F E7 In my life I'm soaked in blessing
Am D9And in Heaven there's a great reward
C AmAs for me and my house
Dm7 Dm7 G CWe're gonna serve the Lord
(repeat) BRIDGE:
C C6 Cm7 CI've got Jesus, Jesus, He calls me for His own
F F6 Fm7 F6And He lifts me, lifts me above the world I know
C AmGod is in the house there's no doubt
C F God is in the house can't keep Him out
C AmAs for you (as for you),as for me (as for me)
Dm7 Dm7 G CWe're gonna serve the Lord
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