Hillsongs – Reaching For You tab

 Reaching for you
    By: Hillsongs
Hi this is my first tab, I don’t know if this is correct but I play this song, if you 
a correction mail me at this email add ryward2007@yahoo.com  in my friendster too…hello to 
batch 2007 graduate yung taga maasim sar. Prov…

   G        C

I cant believe the way
        Am                   G
Your love has go and hold on me
C                     Am                    F
Each morning I wake to find you near
C               Am
You lift me above my fears
       F                    G
And set my feet on solid ground
C             G                   F               Am
All of my days belong to you

          C                   G
I cant breath in your breath of life
That fills my heart
       C                             F
You are my all consuming fire

I stand here before you
    Am           G
In wide open wonder
 F                   G          C
Amazed at the glory of you
The power of heaven
Am                G              F
Reveling your purpose in me
       G                C
As I reaching for you

That’s all thanks hope you enjoy it…
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