Hillsongs – Reaching For You chords

C G/BI cant believe the way
Bb F/A Your love has got a hold on me
C G/B Dm7 F9-F Each morning I wake to find you near
C G/BYou lift me above my fears
Bb F/A And set my feet on solid ground
C G/B Dm7 F9-F All of my days belong to you
F#m7 C#m7 D I cant breathe in your breath of life
E E/F F#m That fills my heart
F#mMaj7 D E You are my all consuming fire
AI stand here before you
E/F# In wide open wonder
Bm E A Amazed at the glory of you
AThe power of heaven
E/F# Bm Revealing your purpose in me
E D F- GAs I'm reaching for you
(then go back to verse) Enjoy and God Bless! XD - PinkSushi
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