Hillsongs - Come Holy Spirit chords version 1

[The band is actually called Hillsong, but here is Come Holy spirit. It is in 
Standard tuning (EADGBe)and doesn't need a capo. God Bless you, an I hope you like it :D
 #=fret played on string
 x= do not play string
 0= play open  
G:320033C:X32010[Low-E can be played on fret 3, High-E can be played on Fret 1]
D:XX0232Bm:124421[Barre fret 2]
Em:022000 Verse
G CCome Holy spirit,Fall on me now,
G C I need you anointing,come in our power,
Am D Bm EmI love you holy spirit,your captivating my soul,
Am DAnd everyday,I grow to love you more...
GI'm reaching for your heart,
Emyou hold my life in your hands.
CDrawing me closer to you,
DI feel your power renew.
BmNothing compares to this place,
G Am where I can see you face to face.
C D GI worship you, in spirit and in truth.
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