Hillsongs – Here In My Life chords

Key: B
Intro: E-F#-G#m-E(2x)

Verse 1

B E B E I have never walked on water, felt the waves beneath my feet but
B E G#m EAt Your Word Lord, I receive Your faith to walk on oceans deep.
F# E B BAnd I remember how You found me,
F#in that very same place.
E G#mAll my failings surely would've drowned me.
Estill You made a way.
B F# C#m E BYou are my freedom, Jesus Your the reason, I'm kneeling again at Your throne.
F# C#m EWhere would I be without You. Here in my life, here in my life.
Verse 2
B E G#m E You have said that, all the heavens sing for joy at one who finds the
B E G#m Eway to freedom, truth of Jesus, bought from death into His life.
F# E B BAnd I remember how You saw me,
F# E Through the eyes of Your grace. And though the cost was Your
G#mbeloved for me,
Estill You made a way.
Refrain&Bridge: E-F#-G#m-EYou are my freedom
Jesus you`re the reason hope you enjoy my accurate chords God is looking in our heart not in our talent Jesus The Rock!
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