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Hinder – Hey Ho chords

SONG: Hey Ho
ARTIST: Hinder
ALBUM: All American Nightmare (2010)

Noticed there wasn't a tab of this amazing song on here so I grabbed my acoustic 
and figured out the basic chords. This should be 100% right.

Tuning: E Standard

Intro: Em G D A

Em GI've never been so happy to see a girl leave
D ATake your filthy little hands off my dirty ripped jeans
Em GYou told me you hated my GNR shirt
D AShoulda known then, this is never gonna work
Em GBut like what you like, don't matter to me
D AJust leave the jack and take your hennessy
Em GTake your Kanye out of my player please
D ALed Zepplin 45 is stayin' with me
Em GHey ho
D AAin't nothin' little 'bout rock n roll
Em GHey ho
D ARap it up and hip-hop down the road
Em GHell no
D ADon't turn down my radio
CIf you're a dirty little rocker
DBaby come on and let it show
EmAnd scream "Hey ho"
You never liked any damn song I wrote You spent my money and you smoked my smoke Pumpin' lame-ass beats in your foreign car It ain't real music without guitar I like Jimmy Hendrix, baby don't you know I like gettin' high, not ridin' low [Chorus]
A You can wait me in line, at the club, if you wanna
GShake your ass all night, but I'm gonna
FFind a rocker chick that'll bang to Nirvana
E N.C.Yo, ho! You gotta go!
N.C. You ain't nothin' but a... [Chorus] Never been so happy to see a girl leave Take your Little Wayne outta my player please Shoulda never let you smoke my smoke I like gettin' high, not ridin' low If you're a dirty little rocker Baby come on and let it show And scream "Hey, ho!"
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