Hinder - Anyone But You chords version 1

Title: "Anyone But You"
Artist: Hinder
Album: Welcome to the Freakshow
Transcribed By: Peperm1nt
Email: michael.centers@gmail.com
Notes: Awesome new song by Hinder. The moment I heard it, I wanted to learn how to 
play it and here it is. 
This is my first tab, so be kind please. Enjoy :)

Tuning: EADGBe
Capo: On First fret.

     G       D       C

e|---3---|---2---|---0---|B|---3---|---3---|---1---|G|---0---|---2---|---0---|D|---0---|---0---|---2---|A|---2---|---X---|---3---|E|---3---|---X---|---X---|*don't forget the capo on first fret ;)
Opening Chords: G - D - C - D 1st Verse:
GSorry I didn't call
DBefore I showed up here drunk and all,
CMessed up from the last time we talked
DWhen you hung up on me.
GSorry it's 3AM
DBut I'm not sorry that I'm here again,
CI'm going crazy thinking you were with him
DAnd I don't wanna leave.
CYou alone for another minute
DIn that bed without me in it.
CI tried all there is to try.
GI've lied every single lie.
DTo make myself believe in something,
C DI know isn't true.
CI've drank all there is to drink.
GI've thought all there is to think.
DI'll disappear forever,
CIf you want me to
DAnd I'll find somebody new
C G D C DBut I can't love anyone but you
2nd Verse:
GI know you said we need a little break,
DBut that was six months ago yesterday,
CAnd It ain't like I been countin' the days,
DBut I can't take one more.
GIt's why I'm out here in the rain,
DThat's why I'm willing to take the blame,
C DThat's why I only ever want to say your name.
GIf this is what you want,
DThen look me in the eyes,
C DBut I'm prayin' you won't say your last goodbye.
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