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Hippos – Diane tab

Diane - The Hippos
Forget The World
Tabbed by Alex
Tuning - Standard

Intro: D
Verse: G G C D G G C D       }
       G   C   D   C D       }   x2

Bridge (ska): G C G D
              G C DDDD<--(D's not ska!)

Chorus: G A C D
        G A C D
        G F E D
        C   D      (all x2)




Instrumental: I'm not entirely sure of this bit, there is a very quiet (acoustic) guitar 
the one speaker so it's very difficult for me to transcribe.
  However, I think it's like an extended bridge with the first line played three times 
of one.


Ending: G F E D
End on) C

I'm pretty sure that's all correct (apart from the instrumental section), happy playing!
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