Hit The Lights – Back Breaker chords


DI've been carving down the days on my bedroom door
Teeth are all but gone
GTaking a beating, from grinding when I'm sleeping
DI've busted out the boards on my window sill
GNails tried keep me here I'm dying
BmBut nothing can stop me from trying
A To crawl my way out this grave
GBefore I decay
AI will make a clean break
D GAnd burn it down, I'll burn this town behind me
And run until I can't breathe
DI'm breaking out
GI'll bury all my mistakes
And rebuild until my back breaks VERSE
DConsider them convinced I'm a lunatic
GEyes are wide and crazed
I feel it happen, oh they can have it
DSend a stack of bricks through the neighbors house
GWatch them as they spill into the yard
BmThey don't know how lucky they are
AThey swiped the vultures aside
G AI swear they're alive, boy just look in their eyes
Bm GOn my gravestone for all to see, it reads
A"I took this city out
At the knees at least"
BmOn your gravestone
G ACovered in leaves they'll read nothing more than
"Rest In, Rest In Peace"
DNothing more than...nothing more than
GNothing more than...nothing more than
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