Hoba Hoba Spirit - Gnawa Blues chords

Em OK, I sing in english;
C GOK, I can speak french.
AmAnd maybe if you see me,
Emyou could think I'm from Paris.
Em They've been in a hurricane,
C Gthey've been in a hurricane.
Am People don't know were they come from;
EmSo how could they know were they go?
Em This is a folk guitar,
C G this is a folk guitar.
Am But this ain't no european
Em goose that rolls behind me.
Em Cal it african folk,
G call it gnawa blues.
Am It is just rock'n'roll
Emsung by a moroccan soul.
Em Call it chaabi funk,
G call it haytta jazz.
Am It is just hayha music,
Emcoming from deep of our souls.
Em Don't call it world music;
C Gno no no no no world music.
Am I don't know how to call it;
Emit's just the music of my world.
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