Hole – Gutless tab ver. 2

			   Gutless by Hole

From 'Live Through This'. As always, there are two guitars in this one, with Courtney
playing rhythm and Eric playing lead. I've watched live performances of it and the main
riff can be played two different ways. Courtney plays the initial "Riff A" in the intro, 
and Eric plays lead over it for the rest of the song. Courtney alternates between "Riff A"
and "Riff B", but it doesn't matter which way you play it, really.

Note: When you play the fourth power chord in Riffs A and B (which is an F power chord,
1/3/3), you have to upstroke/downstroke really rapidly on the last three strums. Listen
to the song and you can hear it pretty easily (great track, by the way).

Tabbed by: Scott H.
Tuning: Standard


Riff A:

Riff B:
Riff A/B All my friends are embryonic All my friends are dead and gone Riff A/B All my friends are microscopic All my friends wake up alone Riff A/B Girl germs, eat your little virus Revolution, come and die Riff A/B Elitists who eat the virus Sleep with me, wake up alive Riff C:
e|-----------------------------------3---33--------------|B|-22-------22-------22-----------22-3-2-33--------------|G|-22-------22-------22---------- 22-0-2-00--------------|D|-22-33333-22-33333-22-33333-----22-0-2-00--------------|A|----33333----33333----33333--------2---22--------------|E|----11111----11111----11111--------3---33--------------|
Riff C Gutless, you're gutless Riff C You're gutless, you're gutless Riff A/B You can try to suck me dry But there's nothing left to suck Riff A/B Just you try to hold me down Come on, try to shut me up Riff A/B Step and fetch, grease my hips I don't even have to pause Riff A/B I don't really miss God But I sure miss Santa Clause Riff C Gutless, you're gutless Riff C Gutless, you're gutless Riff D:
Riff D I wanna drink the honeyblood I wanna take the money and run Riff C Gutless, you're gutless Riff C Gutless, you're undressed Riff C You're gutless, you're gutless Riff C You're gutless, you're undressed
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