Hole - Rock Star tab

			     ROCK STAR - Hole
Tabbed by: illy93
Tuning: Standard

This is the original version of Rock Star by Hole...the one that didn't make the final
on Live Through This. The song on Live Through This was actually called 'Olympia' but
the artwork wasn't changed, it got called Rock Star anyway. You can find the original 
Star on bootlegs or over the internet somewhere.

~MAIN CHORD PROGRESSION~ clean (D) (C)(G)e|----2-3-20---0----3--|B|----3-3-333--1----0--|G|--22-2-2-22--0----0--|D|--00-0-0-0--2--0-0---|A|------------3--222---|E|---------------333---|
~HEAVY CHORD PROGRESSION~ dirrrty (D5) (C5) (G5)e|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|G|--777777777-5555----------|D|--777777777-5555---55555--|A|--555555555-3333-0-55555--|E|-------------------33333--|
~BRIDGE~ dirtyNot 100% sure about this; but just arpeggiate A, C and G chordse|------------------|-----------------------|B|---------1--------|----22332----1---------|G|--2-----0------0--|----22222---0------0---|D|--2----2------0-0-|----222222-2------0-0--|A|--0----3---0-2----|--00000000-3---0-2-----|E|-----------0-3----|---------------0-3-----| x1 x3
~ENDING~ cleane|----22332---|B|----333333--|G|--222-2222--|D|--000----0--|A|------------|E|------------|
And that's the way it basically goes.
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