Holiday Parade – Forever chords

Capo 3rd fret
Standard tuning

C- 032033
G- 320033
E- 022033
D- 000233

[VERSE]-each verse has the same chords

C C G EShe started me off
D D CShe's taking me down for a minute
C G EShe's turning me on
D D CMoving her hips to the rhythm and
C G EShe's singing my songs
D D CI come undone for the moment
C G EI'm singing along
DShe turned her head and told me
C GNa na na na
E DI could do this forever
C GNa na na na
E DMake or break, we'll take this together
C GNa na na na
E DYou'll be my change for the better
C G EMaybe for awhile...
DScratch that, forever
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