Holiday – Joy To The World tab

Wanna play a cool song at a jam session? Try this one, it rocks and when the babes say,
you play well. You best post a comment thanking me for it!

Nick Charalambous

Here is how I play the intro to the song. The Bb chord 113331 will be strummed 3 times
a mute on the 4th strum, and right to a Barred F chord. Then just slide a barred C to a
D. With the ring finger on the 7th fret, slide that all the way down to the first fret. 
gives a cool flow to the song! Do that 2 times and on the third one, just slide it up to
C# 446664 and follow chart 2 for the, never understood a single world he said tab.

This is the tab for the Never understood a single word he said but I.....The last 3 are the Always had some might fine wine!Just listen for the words and all these tabs match up perfectly.CHART 2e22---------------1-2---2----2-----2-------------|b3-3-----2-----0--3-3-2-3----0--2--3-------------|g2--2-----0-----0-3-2---2----0-----2-------------|d0---------0------3---2------0--2----------------|a-----3-------2---1----------2-------------------|e-----------------1----------3-------------------|
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