Holly Throsby - As The Night Dies tab

capo 1st


G F#/G Em7 Babe, it is hard to be honest C9 D As the crow flies G F#/G Em7 and babe i have known to be careless C9 D I\'ve made dogs cry C9 D I\'ve thrown logs on the fire G F#/G Em7 That burn like a fight in the night C9 D G Is is too much for you, well alright bridge Tabbed up from the nut not the capo. ie 9 = ninth fret
G F#/G Em7 C9 De-------3--------3-------3-------3-------2----|B-------3--------3-------3-------3-------3----|G-------0--------0-------0-------0-------2----|D-------0--------0-------2-------2-------0----|A-------2--------0-------2-------3-------x----|E-------3--------2-------0-------x-------x----|
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