Hoodie Allen – Cake Boy chords


Em/B | Bm |e|---------x--------x-|(x4)--7--(strum)--|----------------------------------|Repeat until "But youB|----8----x---8----x-|------7-----------|----------------------------------|think you can haveG|----7h9--x---7h9--x-|------7-----------|----------------------------------|your cake andD|----7h9--x---7h9--x-|------9-----------|----------------------------------|eat it too..."A|----7----x---7----x-|------9-----------|----------------------------------|E|---------x--------x-|------7-----------|----------------------------------|
[Verse 1]
Em/B Em/BThis is for my instagram models
Em/B Em/BEatin' up the cake, watch it go right to your bottom
Em/B Em/BYou should get a new job, holla at McDonalds
Em/B Em/B BmListen when I speak, baby you could write a novel
Em/B Em/B The way I spit flows put you in a pickle, cause I did it with no label
Em/B Em/B BmGot a crystal ball, but I don't need luck cause I 'ready got them pesos
Em/B Em/B It's simple, treat 'em like Kinkos cause they only tryin' to copy me
Em/B Em/B BmLast I checked you ain't some handsome devil with a college degree
(Start Strumming chords)
Em/B But you think you can have your cake and eat it too
BmWell tell me why these pretty women never leave with you
AI even ask your mom and pops and they like, "We approve"
A6sus4 That's why your girlfriend screamin' out my name, I call that Beetlejuice
Em/BCause I'm the one she choosin' as her preference
BmMinnesota women show me love like I was Kevin
APull up in your city, I could swear there's no exception
A6sus4 (one strum) Get up in my Xbox, cause I'm well connected [Hook]
Em/BI know some people that they used to hate
Bm20 women in my trailer like I'm movin' weight
Em/BYeah no wonder why we celebrate
Em/B(cont.) Bm Hold up, you ain't invited homie you can bake a
Em/B BmCake cake cake caaAAAaake o-no
Em/BHomie you can bake a cake
Homie you can bake a Am (5th fret) B (7th fret) Caaaaaaake!
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