Hoodoo Gurus – Bittersweet chords

DYou are my sword.
Your love is its own reward. My heart, I have found, Gets carved surely by the pound. G C G D God knows. I tried, Tried to hold you with all my might But time has won, And I could never be that strong. (Don't cry) I couldn't be that strong, (Don't cry) That used to be my favourite song. (Don't cry) Tears so bittersweet Fill my eyes whenever we meet,
A GIt's always bittersweet.
D G C G I cut and I bleed.
You seem to find that so hard to believe! That's just too, too bad. You could never touch the love that we had.
D G C G(Don't cry) For the love we had,
(Don't cry) Sometimes we try to take it back. (Don't cry) Tears so bittersweet Kiss my cheeks whenever we meet.
A GIt's always bittersweet.
D G C G(Don't Cry) For a love-gone-wrong
(Don't cry) That used to be my favourite song (Don't cry) Tears so bittersweet Kiss my eyes whenever we meet.
A GAnyway...
E A D AWe've grown and times change.
When we meet now it feels so strange. I hold you like a sword You won't cut me like you did before. It's always bittersweet. E A D A til end with little guitar solo bit
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