Hoodoo Gurus – Crackin Up tab

Band: Hoodoo Gurus
Album: Purity of Essence
Song: Crackin' Up

Hi, first time tabber here. Noticed there's no tablature available for this catchy song 
so I scraped this together after watching the official video on youtube. I don't have a 
of time so this is basic.


This is the basic framework for the song. Basically the same chords are used throughout 
song. They just change order in some parts, so you'll have to listen closely.

As for the strumming pattern, there are some variations thrown in from time to time, im 
going to tab them. Just listen to the song, you can pick them up pretty easily.

(ps: this is what mr. Faulkner plays during the song, not sure exactly mr. Shepard plays).

On final strum of chord with '~' following it, let ring for a moment.


x8 x4 x3 x1 x1 x7 x6e|---x----x---x----x--x---x---x----|b|---10---5---10---7--10--7~--5~---|g|---11---7---11---9--11--9~--6~---|d|---11---7---11---9--11--9~--6~---|a|---9----5---9----7--9---7~--4~---|E|---x----x---x----x--x---x---x----|
x16 x8 x8e|---x---x---x--|b|---10--7---5--|g|---11--9---6--|d|---11--9---6--|a|---9---7---4--|E|---x---x---x--|
any corrections/suggestions or whatever.. e-mail me: Joelbonham47@hotmail.com happy jamming!
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