Hooters – And We Danced tab

 And we danced
The Hooters
Intro: D E F#m A D E

 	D	A	E	F#m	E	F#m	D
She was a 	be-bop 	baby on a 	hard day's 	night	    	 
 	D	A	E	A	E	F#m	D
She was 	hangin' on 	Johnny, he was 	holdin' on 	tight   	   	   	
 	D	A	E	F#m	E	F#m	D
Well, I could 	feel her 	coming from a 	mile a	way   	   	   	
 	D	A	E	A
There was 	no use 	talking, there was 	nothing to 	say
 	E	F#m	D
When the 	band be	gan to 	play and play

 	A	D	A	A	F#m	D	E
And we 	danced, like a 	wave on the 	ocean, romanced	 	 
 	A	D	A	A	F#m	D
And we 	danced, swept 	away for a 	moment by chance	 	

 	D	A	E	F#m	E	F#m	D
I met my 	be-bop 	baby at the 	Union 	Hall      	   	    	
 	D	A	E	A	E	F#m	D
She could 	dance all 	night and shake the 	paint off the 	walls
 	D	A	E	F#m	E	F#m	D
But when I 	saw her 	smile across a 	crowded 	room      	   	    	
 	D	A	E	A
Well I 	knew we'd have to 	leave the 	party 	soon
 	E	F#m	D
As the 	band beg	an to 	play out of tune

Chorus, Intro

 	D	E
 	The endless beat	, she's walking my way
 	A	D
 	Hear the music 	fade when she says
 	D	E
Are we 	getting too close, do we 	dare to get closer
 	F#m	D
The room is 	spinning as she 	whispers my name

Chorus (2x)
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