Hope Partlow – Dont Go chords

| Artist   : Hope Partlow          |
| Title    : Don't Go              |
| Album    : Who We Are            |
|                                  |
| Tabbed By: dustin7up             |
| Tuning : Normal {E,A,D,G,B,E} || Capo {1st Fret} |
---------------------------------- Chords: G =320033 C =x32010 Em=022000 Cm=x13321 Am=x02210 F =133211 D =xx0232 {INTRO} G {VERSE 1}
GIt's a slow good night,
EmAnd I just don't know how to feel.
AmHe takes his foot of the gas,
Cause we're moving to fast.
DBut I'm the one straped in behind the wheel.
GAnd it's a longer ride,
EmAnd I'm on an even kill.
AmTill his foots on the brake,
Like it's all a mistake,
DHe remembers how he's not suppose to feel.
Am CAnd I say I believe this is killing me,
G EmDon't go, Don't go, yeah.
Am C GI say I believe this is killing me, Don't go.
GAnd if the hardest fight,
EmWhen all of my armor has pealed.
AmMy defenses are down,
He retreats without a sound,
D CmFrom the silence his intentions are revealed.
Am DYeah, I say I believe this is killing me.
FAnd maybe I'm just holding onto,
C GSomething your not holding onto any longer.
FI wish that I could let it go,
CAnd let my senses take control,
F CSo that we could finally end this war.
Am CI believe this is killing me,
G EmCan't believe I should leave him be.
Am DI believe this is killing me,
GDon't Go.
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